Christmas Baking

Pre-order for Christmas! Spend more time with friends and family and less time in the kitchen. Let Tindall Farm & Market do the work from Karyn's Kitchen!

We will be accepting orders for

Pies, loaves, butter tarts, assorted cookie boxes, assorted square trays as well as a Christmas Morning Box full of delicious and luxurious assorted pastries and treats that will have you sipping coffee by the tree instead slaving over a stove.

More details to follow.


Winter On The Farm

Baked Goods, Preserves & Farm Fresh Eggs 

Still Available

All of our treats, goodies and preserves are hand made from scratch and or grown right here on the farm, never frozen and prepared as ordered, with no crazy, hard to pronounce ingredients.   Don't be fooled by those "home baked" goodies that are commercially prepared with preservatives and additives and are baked from frozen. Trust that everything we sell is authentic and has the Tindall Market seal of approval. Look for the "Grown Here "

Our free range, bug eating, sun basking hens are still producing beautiful eggs. Available on the Honor System Wednesday & Saturdays at the Market. $5.00/dozen


Tindall Farm & Market

Third Generation Family Owned & Operated Farm with over 50 years of produce growing in the Uxbridge area

There’s nothing more comforting than serving farm fresh produce to your family. Tindall Farm & Market is a family owned and operated produce farm with an on market in the Uxbridge area  — offering residents a variety of products at prices that can’t compare. At Tindall Farm & Market, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for. Make a day trip out of it — stop by May through November and see what we have to offer!

Due to food safety regulations we cannot allow dogs in the fields. We ask if you have your dog with you it must remain on a leash and in the parking lot only.  Please be mindful of our pets, our free range ducks and chickens. Please keep your dog away. Thanks in advance.


Growing Season 2021 has come to an end

Produce season is a wrap for 2021! Now that Mother Nature has turned off the heat, we have nothing left to grow! We will re open late June for pick your own Strawberries and will have; cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, kale, romaine and much much more available. Re stocked several times a day & as ready.  Produce will be available 24/7

Just because we are closed doesn't mean you can't come to the farm, baked goods and eggs still available!

Order, Butter Tarts, Loaves, Pies and or Jam by 6 pm On Wednesday for pick up on the weekend!

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What's Happening on the farm?

See what is going on at Tindall Farm & Market


Growing Season Start In March

Growing Quality Produce Starts In Our Greenhouse

The greenhouse will fire up late March every year. We start with cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and pumpkins which are our main production for the Ontario food chain. Every 10 days we will plant 100,000 new seeds until there is enough to fill over 300 acres!  All of our market veggies, tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, zucchini and more will be planted in stages throughout the growing season to ensure produce is always available at the market store and in weekly produce boxes. Mother Nature is in control and we abide by her rules and timing.


Pick Your Own Strawberries!

Late June Mother Nature Tells Us When!

We keep it simple and fun here at Tindall Farm & Market. Grab a 3 quart basket and hit the patch for some chemical free strawberries. Messy strawberry faces encouraged!


Farm Market Store

Opens Late June 2022

We now have a full service seasonal produce market including: baked goods, frozen meals, soup, chili, jams, jellies and pickles.  Located on our 150 acre farm where the majority of our produce is grown. Come see the magic happen before your eyes growing all around the Farm Market Store!


Pick Your Own Pumpkins

October 2022

Pick you own pumpkins with all types and varieties including: white, warty, Cinderella and large carving, Mums, cornstalks, straw and crazy gourds!


Meet the Team


Ryan Tindall

Owner & Grower - The guy who makes  it all possible


Karyn Tindall

Owner, Baker, Cook & Market Manager


Our Team

Our Team of workers from Mexico. Dedicated men who have worked for us for 5-20 years. We consider them family!


Community Team

Our children, friends and neighbours who are always on the farm helping out. We are so grateful for their help!

Hours of Operation

ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS ALLOWED IN THE FIELDS . We follow strict federal food safety regulations. 

You will be asked to keep your dog on a leash and in the parking lot. Please be mindful of our pets, our free range ducks and chickens and keep your dog away! The ladies thank you in advance.

Produce available day and night 24/7 throughout the growing season.

July though November.

We accept E-Transfer or Cash.

Market Store Open Daily from 10:00 am- 6:00 pm


Contact Us

Please use the market driveway at
13669 Durham Regional Rd 1, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R2, Canada

(416) 805-6760

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